NEW Security Research Database

The purpose of the Security Research Map (SeReMa) is to increase the visibility of civil security related research in Europe and to optimize the networking between various actors in that field: research facilities, universities, public authorities, end-users/practitioners users, suppliers of security solutions and operators of critical infrastructures. SeReMa aims to be a focal point for all stakeholders who aim to be involved in projects submitted for calls of Horizon Europe’s Cluster 3.

The database has been developed within the network of National Contact Points for Security in the 7th EU-Framework Programme (SEREN 2) and has been continuously sustained with sole aim of supporting collaboration opportunities for civil security R&I stakeholders across EU Framework Programmes. Organizations are invited to register and use the features of the database in a continuous manner, as SeReMa will be available for the stakeholders throughout the whole duration of current SEREN5 project.

Why register?

  • One-stop-shop to start your experience with civil security R&I in Horizon Europe
  • Call the attention of the network about your competencies
  • Promote your research and innovation ideas - through dedicated Marketplace
  • Find partners for security research projects in Horizon Europe and beyond

Your advantages:

  • Stay informed on upcoming Horizon Europe Calls
  • Meet potential co-operation partners through dedicated in-house online meetings system
  • Your profile will be visible and promoted all over Europe

If you are a stakeholder who is actively involved in security research & innovation and interested in international cooperation, register yourself and help building a map of civil security research all over the world

Identify researchers who work in the area of civil security research, either within the context of EU funded research in Horizon Europe or broader collaborative research and find international partners with the complementary expertise or technology that you are looking for.

This Platform is hosted by SEREN5, the international network of National Contact Points for Cluster 3 "Civil Security for Society" under Horizon Europe.

Organised by
Participants 680
Meetings 192
France 102
Belgium 95
Spain 93
Italy 78
Germany 61
Türkiye 60
Greece 58
United Kingdom 54
Poland 40
Israel 34
Czech Republic 29
Portugal 24
Netherlands 24
Cyprus 22
Slovakia 19
Norway 19
Romania 15
Lithuania 14
Bulgaria 14
Estonia 13
Croatia 10
Austria 10
Finland 10
Ukraine 10
Ireland 8
Slovenia 8
Latvia 7
Switzerland 7
Hungary 6
Sweden 6
Georgia 5
Bosnia And Herzegovina 5
Luxembourg 5
Albania 4
Malta 4
Japan 2
Argentina 2
New Zealand 2
Denmark 2
Armenia 2
Kazakhstan 1
Montenegro 1
United States 1
Thailand 1
North Macedonia 1
Iceland 1
South Korea 1
Total 990
SME 224
University 219
Research Organisation 197
Large Company 80
Other 73
Public Body 72
Start-Up 39
International Organisation 30
Ministry 19
Law Enforcement Agency 16
First Responder 12
End-User 9
Total 990